Tapan Banerjee, is shown here putting, using an adaptive golf car. Banerjee, a golfer with paraplegia (paralyzed from the waist down), is an L5 paraplegic. Banerjee, sits during every shot of his 18 hole round of golf. These specially designed adaptive golf cars are light weight and gentle on the sensitive grass of greens and tees.

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Why some single rider golf cars
have a stand up seat

            Of the nearly 7 million walking impaired persons in the U. S. who use assistive devices, 75% use canes, crutches or walkers and 25% use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Many who use wheelchairs are paralyzed and have no leg strength. Those in wheelchairs and many of those who use other assistive devices benefit from a stand-up seat like the unique seat provided by SoloRider. While some play from a totally seated position, the normal way to swing a golf club is from a standing position. Depending on the golfer’s swing plane, these golfers could raise the seat just enough to cause their swing to clear their knees or raise themselves to higher levels, ultimately to the near standing or golfing position. Thus, of the walking impaired population who would be interested in playing golf, at least 85% could swing from a standing position when a stand up seat is available.
            To attract golfers with disabilities, particularly those who are mobility impaired, golf courses could provide accessible golf cars with a stand-up seat. It is difficult to swing or play golf from a totally seated position. Many walking impaired persons will not play from an accessible golf car that does not have a stand-up seat.
            When a mobility-impaired golfer is not using an adaptive or single rider golf car, able-bodied golfers can easily use it too. (continued on next page)


With braces on his legs and using crutches, Monroe Berkman, a polio survivor and avid golfer, is shown here putting while standing. He prefers to putt standing without cruches, leaning against his SoloRider adaptive golf car, leaving the adjustable seat, in the down position. But when swinging the golfclub, to avoid falling, he takes advantange of its patented stand-up seat.
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