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Rebel On The Links

        The world of reality television shows is about to get a serious kick in the keister. The cameras are set to roll and the national audience will be introduced to “Rebel On The Links” during the 2011 golf season. Dan Roland is the “rebel” on the links and he will battle against all odds to make it to the professional tour. This isn’t your average golf program, “Rebel on the links” portrays the classic tale of “Dan vs. The World”…showing us that anything can be done if you have the desire to overcome the obvious. A true modern day Rocky Balboa, Roland quickly discovers that everyone…even his closest friends and family thinks he is crazy. Or is he?
        Dan Roland is not your everyday golfer…6’2” 250 pounds of bodyguard size, wild mullet hairstyle and bedazzled in screaming golf attire, courtesy of Loudmouth Golf, Roland might be considered by some as “the anti golfer”, but he is like a force of nature that can’t be stopped. By day he works for Healey Brothers Chevrolet in small town of Poughkeepsie, New York…he is the General Sales Manager that carries a lot of stress and expectations that adds to the challenge on the course.
        One wouldn’t think the brutal winters of the Northeast is the best stage for the mild temperatures that embrace the game of golf but Dan’s “never take no for an answer” captivates the audience with his resilience and determination regardless of the obstacles he faces. In “Rebel on the links” we get to see an exclusive, insiders look at Roland as he tries to achieve the seemingly impossible feat of making it to the elite ranks of the professional tour.
        The typical day will bring the viewers behind the scenes of his hectic life as a big shot sales manager at the largest automotive dealer group in the Hudson Valley. With the pressure of navigating a multi million dollar business while day dreaming about what life would be like on the pro tour, Roland is surrounded by hesitant supporters. His boss and owner, Dwight Healey becomes a noticeable figure throughout the 8 episode television series, as he has high expectations at the dealership and doubtful visions of the golf goal.
        Though supportive of anything Dan puts his mind to and proud of his production at his dealership, Healey sees more potential in him becoming a future General Manager at one of his dealerships than he does putting his way to a tournament victory. Dan is determined to prove all the doubters wrong and he seeks to bring to life the similar Cinderella story results that made Rocky Balboa a legendary name.
        Each episode is loaded with dramatic challenges and results as the pressure intensifies, when he begins to transform into a household name, and tastes the life of fame and fortune, as he signs endorsement deals that are worth millions. He tests his entrepreneurial skills when he jumps into the golf equipment world by introducing a new putter line.
        He even shocks the viewers with his dramatic physique transformation quickly becoming the most muscular golfer on any tour. His rise to name recognition catches the attention of tournament directors and the potential for sponsor invitations into tour events soon becomes reality…how does he handle the pressure of playing along side the worlds best? Will the nerves overcome the confidence or will the “Rebel” toughness be bold enough to seize the opportunity?
        Tune into what will be the most talked about reality show in golf. “Rebel on the links” Debuts soon….log on to for network details. Don’t miss the potential of… history in the making.

Page 35 From Winter 2011 Florida Golf Magazine ©Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved. Subscribe at
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