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Tony Ruggiero’s Dewsweeper Golf School
At Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club in Santa Rosa, Florida, and now also at Marriott Bay Point Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida 800-203-4885

by Joe Stine

Pictured below: Golf Instructor Tony Ruggiero and student, University of Alabama star freshman and
former #1 ranked junior, Bobby Wyatt of Mobile, Alabama, who shot a world record 57 at the Alabama
Boys State Junior Championship on 7-28-2010, winning the championship for the 3rd time.

        While most of the people that travel to Northwest Florida and its Emerald Coast come for the beautiful sugar white beaches and spectacular fishing, many golfers around the Southeastern states are taking note and now making the trek for golf instruction programs at Tony Ruggiero’s Dewsweeper Golf School at Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club in Santa Rosa Florida. Golf Teacher, Tony Ruggiero and his Dewsweeper Golf School have gotten national recognition and a loyal following from those that hear Tony and his simple brand of instruction on his all golf instruction radio program “The Dewsweepers” which is heard nationally on the PGA Tour Network as well as on terrestrial radio stations throughout the Southeast.

        Hidden among the white sand dunes of the Emerald Coast, the Dewsweeper Golf School is a golf learning and training facility which is esthetically beautiful and technologically second to none. “I am still amazed” says Ruggiero, “at the generosity of the membership here at Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club. They believed in me and my dream to make this a premier learning facility for those wanting to get better at golf and raised the funds for this golf school solely through private donation. It’s incredible,” he went on to say, “I owe these club members so much and I am very grateful.”

        The Dewsweeper Golf School facility has all the video and computer analysis equipment you would expect to see at any top golf instructor’s studio, but there is much more that makes this facility and Tony Ruggiero’s instruction over-the-top. For one thing, the facility is equipped with a Swing Catalyst Bio Mechanical feedback system which measures each player’s rotational force and where their center of gravity is during every aspect of their swing. Combine this Swing Catalyst system with their Flight Scope Doppler radar launch monitor and you have a studio designed to help golfers of all skill levels get better, faster.

        Tony told Florida Golf Magazine, “The technology has certainly made it easier for us to help students of all skill levels, see and understand what aspects they need to improve, in order to get better. I believe the biggest asset is that it helps me get a student to associate a feel with what the correct swing is for them. If they can capture that feel they’re more likely to be able to practice it effectively and then repeat it with some success on the golf course. It also allows us to quantify with real data exactly how much students are improving.”

        Now, club members and local golfers aren’t the only ones coming to visit Tony and his Dewsweeper Golf School. The reach of The Dewsweeper Golf Radio Show has introduced millions to Tony’s simple approach to teaching and his passion to make people better golfers. Golfers from the Northeast, Midwest and all over the Southeast United States, now make regular trips to Santa Rosa for help with their game. “I’ve been very fortunate,” said Ruggiero, “to have spent so much time (over 8 years) being mentored by Hank Johnson, one of the great teachers of the game. I’ve also learned a lot as well from talking with all the great golf instructors while doing the Dewsweepers weekly radio program. What I have learned is that it is about making people play better not just swinging better, it is about coaching the student.”

World Record Holder, 18 year-old Bobby Wyatt on the practice tee under the watchful eye of Golf Instructor Tony Ruggiero

        Perhaps the area where Tony and the Dewsweeper Golf School have had the biggest impact is on that of junior golfers. The Dewsweeper Golf School teaches a majority of the top junior players from around the Southeast. Tony’s star pupil is none other than University of Alabama star freshman and the former number 1 ranked junior, Bobby Wyatt of Mobile, Alabama, who shot a world record 57 at the Alabama Boys State Junior Championship on July 28, 2010, giving him the championship for the third time.

        “Teaching Bobby is one of the really great things I get to do in this job,” says Ruggiero “It has been so much fun to watch him improve as a player. The amazing thing is that over the past 4 years I have learned as much from him as I am sure he has from me. I’ve learned a great deal about how to coach and prepare junior golfers to become their best through working with him.”

        Bobby’s rise to the top of the junior ranks and now one of the top collegiate players has brought a flock of junior talent making the journey from all over the Southeast to see Tony. This newfound success has led Tony to partner with long time friend and two time Dixie Section PGA Teacher of the Year, Wayne Flint on the Dewsweepers Golf Schools. “The success of our junior programs made it a natural fit to put instruction programs at various courses throughout the South,” commented Wayne Flint, who is now the lead instructor along with Tony Ruggiero at the Dewsweeper Golf Schools. “This gives us the opportunity to reach more talented junior players and help them reach their goals” The two of them figure that over the past several years they have helped over 140 juniors get golf scholarships to college, as well as teach players who have played in every major professional championship.

        The Dewsweeper Golf Schools have also now partnered with golf management giant Honours Golf to provide instruction programs at several properties in Alabama, at Highland Park in Birmingham and Craft Farms in Gulf Shores, Alabama and Rock Creek in Daphne Alabama. “The newest addition to the Dewsweepers School is that of the Marriott Bay Point Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida,” said Dewsweepers Host and lead instructor Tony Ruggiero. “We are looking forward to implementing top instruction programs for all the members and visitors at these wonderful Honours facilities. The quality of the conditions and the service at their facilities is second to none in the industry and I believe our instruction programs will equally add to the total golf experience offered at these locations.”

        The technology and teaching available in Santa Rosa makes it the place to hone your game or to take your junior if they are looking to be the next rising star. Fortunately, for those of us golfers who can’t make it there, the Dewsweepers’ easy to understand instruction and help for our game is now available at multiple locations throughout the Southeast. And, if we can’t make it there we can always listen every week to Tony Ruggiero on the Dewsweepers Golf Show on the PGA Tour Network.

For info about the Dewsweepers Golf School call 800-203-4885 or see

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